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Enjoy Social Mingles and Connect with Great Like-minded Singles at Our Singles Events & Speed Dating Brisbane

We strongly believe that real human connections still make the difference in the uber-connected digital world that we are all trapped in.

Well, dating apps could sound like a fast, easy solution to meet someone.

But in the end, it is all about computer algorithms and dull swiping left/right.

How can we simply rely on cold data when talking about feelings?

Is that what we want?

No way!

At Social Mingles, we just have one goal: giving you the joy and adrenaline to meet single, like-minded people to create real connections in an easy-going, social environment.

We offer a huge variety of Brisbane singles events, Brisbane speed dating, parties and social events in Brisbane, where excitement, laughter, adrenaline and butterflies are in the centre.

It’s time to go offline and meet Mr/Mrs Right, who might be just in front of your very own eyes!

Feel the chemicals

Bonding emotionally with someone in real life produces all the good chemicals that give you excitement, happiness and confidence.

When using online dating apps, we manufacture these emotions ideally in our minds but still miss the real chemicals!

This highly affects personality in the long term, leading to frustration, stress, lack of confidence and inability to socialise.

Let’s get physical, physical!

When meeting with another person, all the senses are involved: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

Organs send information to our brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us…

Do we really need to point out the difference between online and real life dating?

Have fun, not be played

One of the main issues about dating apps is expectations: most people are just playing, looking for validation to get their ego stroked.

They are not really interested in meeting someone who has values, feelings and personality, just like you.

You know, and we know how frustrating it is being used just for one thing.

Singles attendees at Social Mingles are craving real valuable connections, not just another notch on the ego belt!

Are we human, or are we dancers?


And that’s why we love to party and socialise!

Spending whole days “talking” with an avatar, of which we know nothing but the photo (and even that often does not correspond to reality) is a rabbit hole.

Full of expectations and questions, we end up missing out on everything around us: real life!

Yet, there are singles out there having fun, dancing together, spending the evening chatting and getting to know each other face to face, having real feelings without fear of being judged or deceived.

This is what happens at Social Mingles … the most fun, true and honest way to meet and interact with like-minded singles in Brisbane.

There is no pressure, no stress, no awkward situations like “you don’t look the same as your profile picture!”

Meet genuine singles who understand the traditional values of men and women courtship while having fun and bonding, eventually leading to relationships and deep friendships.

Speed Dating Brisbane

Well, we all know what Speed Dating is.

There is nothing new here…so what makes us different from others?

No pressure, no judgment, no ratings, no match cards!

Just enjoy having a chat with singles, whether there is a future connection or not.

No rush, no need to hit the target to win the prize, just be yourself and let others get to know you.

At Social Mingles, we love socialising: take your time and do not stress out about “choosing the love of your life in just two minutes”…

Sit back, relax and enjoy your fli…errrm, date!

Speed Dating Brisbane & Introductions

Singles Night Ages 25-39

Speed Dating Brisbane & Introductions

Singles Night Ages 35-49

Speed Dating Brisbane & Introductions

Singles Night Ages 45-59

Speed Dating Brisbane & Introductions

Singles Night Ages 55+

Brisbane Singles

Bar Hop Ages 20s-30s

Brisbane Singles

Bar Hop Ages 30s-40s

Brisbane Singles

Bar Hop Ages 40s-50s

Brisbane Singles

Bar Hop Ages 55+

Singles Events Brisbane 

When was the last time you felt confident approaching someone in a bar or any other public places?

In these fast-paced digital times, we know that starting to have a genuine chat with a stranger sitting at the counter seems almost awkward.

The fear of being rejected, judged or misunderstood keeps us from socialising freely…stop!

Our Bar Hop Singles Events are specifically made to have fun, spend real time together and share…

What about starting with a bottle of red wine?

Interactive Social Events Brisbane

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” … and we don’t want that!

Brisbane offers thousands of activities to enjoy your social life with other amazing people just like you.

Don’t underestimate the charm of a man who fails to win a mini-golf challenge or a woman who excels in artificial wall climbs.

Be ready to spend quality time having fun, sharing your emotions and experiencing unusual activities with great people.

Who knows…your team-mate could happen to be your life-mate!

Virtual Speed Dating in Your City
Virtual Speed Dating in Your Local Area
Virtual Speed Dating in Your Location

Virtual Speed Dating Brisbane

“Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”…it might be.

Those special online speed dating events are specifically designed for singles who have a really busy work life but still prefer to meet people face-to-face. 

Do not worry; Social Mingles aims to create connections, so you just need an (internet) connection to find your (real-life) connection!

Singles Party Brisbane

Have fun and weave your good intentions with someone important on New Year’s Eve or meet your Valentine on Valentine’s Day!

Parties at Social Mingles are the best way to socialize with other singles while feeling festive. 

Here, it  is always “the most wonderful time of the year” for great people like you.

Valentines Day

Singles Party

Cocktail Night

Singles Party


Singles Party

New Year’s Eve

Singles Party

Enjoy and relax – At Social Mingles, you are not alone.

At Social Mingles, we want to offer you the best experience ever.

While you are free to enjoy different ways during our events, we will be there to back you up any time.

That’s why our hosts are really experienced at communicating with people, having high social EQ.

They have been on both sides (being single and being in a relationship), so they know what to look out for and how to maximise buzz in the house.

Hosts at Social Mingles understand the dynamic of men and women and how they behave and relate to each other to grant the best singles meeting experience.

Interacting with people, merging groups and making them feel comfortable is their bread and butter.

Just enjoy events at Social Mingles while our hosts do the rest.





Exclusive event

All of our events and activities are tailor-made to meet singles needs.

We care about feelings, emotions and we want you to have the best singles experience in Brisbane.

We want everyone to spend quality time with other people, which is why places for every single event are limited.

Fun & social environment

Our anthem is “no social pressure”.

Enjoy meeting and interacting with other singles in an easy-going-feeling-welcome-and-safe environment.

Relationship or just friendship? Go for both.

Social Mingles events are not only the perfect place to find real love.

We care about connections, and our parties and activities are a great way to make new friends, getting to know like-minded people living in Brisbane!

Do not miss your chance to be a Social Mingler at Social Mingles.

Feeling attracted, excited, positive or just curious about our events?

Do not miss the chance to be an active part of the Brisbane singles life, meeting amazing people like you.

No swiping, no pressure, no rushing…it is all about values, emotions and real life connections.

Remember, there is a limited number of places available: do not miss the chance to attend our easy-going, genuine singles events and social activities in Brisbane!

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