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For Brisbane singles who are looking for that special person

How To Go From Being Single To Potentially Having Fun With Your First Date In 3 Hours

AGES 35 – 49


7:30PM – 11:00PM







Introducing Singles Mystery Bars Slow Dating Event

An unforgettable exciting dating event for single people like yourself…

To find dates while having fun.

It’s an exclusive event only for 20 people…

To mingle with like-minded singles…

Who are serious about getting into a relationship…

Instead of a casual no-strings-attached hook-up.

Not just any other dating event!

Unlike other dating events where you either go for a mini…

Speed dates having little to no time to get to know a person…

Beyond their favourite hobby…

Or just sitting in a boring party place with awkwardness in the air…

Our dating event is organized in the newest setting…

That takes you through the dating process smoothly…

And helps you to get to know the other person without time pressure.

Let me take you through it…

Sneak Peek Into Singles Mystery Bars Slow Dating Event

Instead of sitting on chairs being bored…

You’ll be exploring local bars and nightlife in Brisbane.

For this event, we’ve planned for you 3 bars for 3 dating levels.

Bar#1 – Dating level#1

 “Work the room”

Get to know everyone in the room.

Engage with them…even with people that you don’t like at first.

This will help you get to know everyone in the room superficially…

So you can find out for yourself who sparks your interest.

Bar#2 – Dating level#2

“Build initial connections”

Now that you’ve found people that you like…

It’s time to take one more step…

And build deeper connections with them…

Helping you get to know your potential date better.

Bar#3 – Dating level#3

“Deepen the spark”

This is your chance to establish a deeper connection with your potential date…

And take things further outside the dating event…

Where your date wants to meet you again and again…

And hopefully, turn this into a long-lasting relationship. 

This game-changing event may help you:

Finally end your hunt of finding a partner once and for all

Form meaningful lasting connections with your date 

Enjoy purposeful interactions that make them want to spend more time with you

Get rid of people who just want “casual relationships”

Stay protected from sex bots and fake profiles online

Never again feel scared of ending up alone and not finding anyone

And much more…

This event is NOT for everyone

Look, we have organized this event for only a few singles.

And not everyone can be a part of it.

There’s a criterion (a reasonable one) that helps us filter the right people for this event.

So, before you decide to get the ticket…

Make sure you tick at least one of the boxes below.

This event is FOR you if you:

Are serious about getting into a relationship

Have time to attend the event

Are not dating anyone at the moment

This event is NOT for you if you are:

Looking for a casual relationship

Only interested in a no-strings-attached hook-up

Dating someone at the moment

If you’re still reading…

It means you’re eligible for the event.

Then I have one thought to share with you.

I know you might be wondering:

What if I don’t get a date?

Listen, my friend, I understand you might have tried everything…

In your power to get dates earlier…

Like dating apps, nightclubs, Facebook groups, and whatnot.

Most of them disappointed you.

It makes perfect sense to have this fear.

But let me ask you this:

Will sitting at home get you a date?

Of course, not.

But when you attend the event…

Where you know people are there to find their partner…

Your chances of getting a date are high.

So, would you be against finding a date?


Then let’s get…

Oh! Did I tell you about the pricing?

And now the pricing…?

Let me ask you this:

What if this one event gets you the date you were looking for for months?

Just ONE.

What would that be worth to you?

A $100? or $200? More?

For most single people, I know it’s priceless.

Discover the possibility of finding someone with whom you can build a meaningful relationship…

Experience the joy of sharing a deeper connection…

And feel the love and warmth of a special bond…

Would be worth the investment.


But here’s the good news…

You won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for this event.

Not even a $100.


The ticket for this event is well worth over $59

Which includes a complimentary drink, hot nibbles plus a match card.


Now, you might think…

 “Well, yeah but I can attend other events that offer cheaper tickets.”

Sure you can.

If you wanna attend events that don’t include a drink and hot finger food…

And with traditional boring date settings…

That gives you just 3-5 minutes to talk to the person…

Radically decreasing your chances of getting a date.

Then sure, you can attend those events.


If you wanna attend an exciting and unique event…

Where you’ve fun exploring the nightlife and local bars of Brisbane…



Let’s Get Started!

You can either sit at home…


You can go to an event where all the singles are hanging out…

And potentially find a date with whom you can spend time together…

And feel loved.

You choose.

If you wanna potentially find that special person within 3 hours at the event…

Simply click the button below to get your ticket now.

AGES 35 – 49


7:30PM – 11:00PM


Male Ticket (Ages 35-49)

$59.00 Inc: 2 Drinks + Hot Nibbles + Match Card


Female Ticket (Ages 35-49)

$59.00 Inc: 2 Drinks + Hot Nibbles + Match Card



Icebreaker games are fun and engaging activities designed to help participants break the ice and initiate conversations with each other. They create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, making it easier for attendees to connect with new people.

Icebreaker games will be strategically placed at the first bar venue to kick off the event. Our friendly event hosts will guide participants through the games, encouraging interaction and sparking conversations among attendees.

When it comes to dressing for a singles bar hop, the key is to aim for a smart casual look that makes you feel confident and ready to impress. For both men and women, it’s best to choose an outfit that strikes the perfect balance between stylish and comfortable. Consider wearing well-fitted jeans or trousers paired with a fashionable top or blouse. You can add a touch of sophistication with a blazer or a stylish jacket. Complete your look with comfortable yet classy footwear and accessories that reflect your personal style. Remember, the goal is to feel your best and make a positive impression, so choose an outfit that makes you shine with confidence.

What is a Match Card?

A Match Card is an optional system we use for our events. It offers a convenient and pressure-free way for participants to express their interest in connecting with others.

How does the Match Card work?

At the end of the session, participants receive a Match Card on their mobile phones via text message. The Match Card includes a list of attendees’ names. Instead of directly exchanging contact details, participants can discreetly tick the names of those they are interested in.

What happens if two people both tick each other’s names?

If two people mutually tick each other’s names on their respective Match Cards, it is considered a match. This indicates that both individuals have expressed an interest in getting to know each other further.

What are the benefits of using the Match Card system?

The Match Card system helps avoid any potential awkwardness or discomfort in directly asking for someone’s contact details. It provides a relaxed and pressure-free environment for participants to explore potential connections.

How does the Match Card facilitate connections?

When there is a match, both individuals will receive each other’s contact details, allowing them to connect outside of the event. This opens the opportunity for meaningful conversations and potentially developing a deeper connection.

Singles Bar Hop Slow Dating:

Singles Bar Hop Slow Dating offers a unique and enjoyable way to experience the city’s nightlife. At our events, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded singles who share your interests and are eager to engage in exciting conversations.

Unlike traditional speed dating, Slow Dating doesn’t impose any time constraints. You can take your time to get to know others naturally and with confidence. There is no rotation, which means you have the freedom to meet and interact with whoever you like, for as long as you like.

With Slow Dating, you’ll enjoy a relaxed and pressure-free environment that fosters meaningful connections. It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the event and build great relationships at your own pace.

Speed Dating:

Speed Dating, on the other hand, follows a structured format with timed intervals for meeting different participants. In speed dating events, you typically have a short amount of time (e.g., a few minutes) to interact with each person before moving on to the next one.

The fast-paced nature of speed dating can be exhilarating and offers the chance to meet a larger number of potential matches within a brief period. It’s an efficient way to gauge initial chemistry and determine whether you’d like to pursue further connections with certain individuals.

However, speed dating might not provide the same level of opportunity to engage in in-depth conversations and get to know someone on a deeper level compared to Slow Dating. The focus in speed dating is on quick introductions, making it more suitable for those who prefer a faster approach to meeting new people.

Which one is right for me?

Both Slow Dating and Speed Dating have their unique advantages, and the choice depends on your preferences and comfort level. If you prefer a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, with more time to interact and connect with others, Slow Dating at our Singles Bar Hop might be the perfect fit for you.

On the other hand, if you thrive in a fast-paced environment and enjoy meeting a variety of people in a short amount of time, you might find Speed Dating more appealing.

Regardless of which option you choose, our events are designed to create a fun and inclusive space where you can connect with other singles and have an enjoyable time. Join us at our next event and embark on a thrilling journey of meeting new people and building meaningful relationships.