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Brisbane Singles Bar Hop

Chat A Night Away With Like-Minded Individuals Who Wants The Same Thing As You Do A Genuine Conversations That Lasts


AGES 30 – 49


7:30PM – 11:00PM




About The Bar Hop

Experience Brisbane’s night life as you meet and mingle with likeminded singles who you may never have spoken to otherwise. An effective way to build great relationship organically without the fear of being rejected. You will boost your confidence and social skills more ways than any dating apps.


Male Ticket (Ages 30-49)

$47.00 Includes one drink & nibbles.


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Female Ticket (Ages 30-49)

$47.00 Includes one drink & nibbles.


Remind Me Via Email



Attendees check in, event schedule walk through and general housekeeping about the bar hop.

Warm Up

Receive a complimentary drink and warm up introduction with other singles bar hoppers.


Attendees gather into groups and bounce to the first destination and kick off the Free Flow.

Free Flow

Flow freely, chat amongst other bar hoppers while scoping the scene. If you are confident, feel free to make some new friends, you can socialise with other people who are not part of the group.

Mission One (Optional)

Complete the mission within 30 mins time-frame. The first person who complete this mission wins the game. The winner will receive a complimentary drink. Only one winner.

Meet Outside

8:45pm - 8:55pm
Slowly round up and prepare to bounce to destination two. Meet outside and wait for host’s instructions.


Charge your batteries with some delicious nibbles at destination two. Rotate and chat amongst yourselves with other bar hoppers who you have not chat with.

Game On (Optional)

Bar hoppers has a choice to sit this one out. If you game enough, you can enter. The person that lose will buy the other person a drink.

Meet Outside

Prepare to slowly finish up what you are doing and meet hosts outside and get ready to bounce to destination three.

Last Stop

The final stop destination. Here you relax and chat to people who you have not spoken to as of yet.

Prize Draw

Prize draw. Only one winner.

Final Mission (Optional)

10:15pm - 10:45pm
Complete the mission within 30 mins time-frame. The first person who complete this mission wins the game. The winner will receive a complimentary drink. Only one winner.

Closing Up

10:45pm - 11:00pm
Bar hoppers are asks to slowly wrap up for the closing of the night.


For The Men

  • You get to go with your emotions and make a suitable decision in a gathering of Brisbane single women rather than having to judge based on a couple of words on a printable profile.
  • You are very sure you are in a place where single women abound, so you are never scared to shoot a wrong shot.
  • You don’t need to start planning out the perfect first date. Play your cards right and the only thing you’ll be asking is for a second date and….
  • You get to see your dream woman in 3D – not having to form an opinion about her when you can learn all you want right there.

For The Women

  • Meet a man who is committed to having a serious relationship. Why else would he have gone through the hassle of dressing up and showing up for the day?
  • Enjoy the company of other Brisbane singles who just want to have some fun and form quality relationships.
  • Remove yourself from the online dating scene where you are judged by a simple profile and display picture.
  • You are in a public environment where you will feel safe and chat to whoever you want.
  • Better tell the intention of potential suitors before risking a first date with them, and so much more.


  • Make new friends & expand their networks.
  • Check out some amazing new and existing bars in Brisbane.
  • Mingle with lots of like minded singles who are fun and friendly that loves to chat.
  • You get the opportunity to meet someone you like and go on that first date.
  • It will build your communication and people skills.

YES! You CAN come along by yourself and LOTS of people do. You won’t be alone for very long though! Find your event host and the group and say ‘hi’ and you will make new friends in no time.

The secret sauce is Dress to Impress! Who knows you may meet someone that you like. When you dress to impress, you feel confident and alive. We suggest to dress ‘smart casual’ as a MINIMUM dress standard, as some venues MAY require collared shirts and dress shoes for gents.

Yes, as long as your friend has a ticket. You can book for him or her as long it is in the correct order. We would like to make the numbers as equal as possible between males and females, so please don’t book the wrong ticket.

Once you book the ticket, you will receive the details and the location of the meeting point. 3 days before the event, we will send you a reminder just in case. So please check your junk mail in case it goes in there.

No, there are hundreds of bars in Brisbane and new ones keeps popping up, all our bar hop will never be the same. This is good because it will never be boring and you always meet someone new.

Yes, and more of a reason for you to go. This way it will get you out of your comfort zone and out of the house. Don’t worry, you won’t be shy for long since there are lots of things to do throughout the night not just meeting other singles. If you feel more comfortable by talking to us, please come over and say hi. We will introduce you to other singles, this way it create less pressure on your end.

Most definitely yes ;-). It makes the night fun and social. There will be bar games and singles games to play to break the ice. However there are some people prefer just to chat and that is still ok.


October 31
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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