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Brisbane Virtual Speed Dating

Instant Video Chat With Like-minded Singles Who You May Never Spoken To Otherwise

About Online Speed Dating

An efficient and effective new way to connect with singles without judgement of a dating profile. Get instant mini dates with like-minded singles who you may never have spoken to otherwise. It’s just like traditional speed dating but online using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Once you register, an email is sent with a link. Click on the link for access on the day. For better experience, laptop is preferred.


The virtual dates runs approximately 5 minutes long. After each date, the men rotates while the women stays on the same video link.


Unlike dating apps, now you can enjoy chatting with your potential matches face to face online without judgement of a dating profile.


Live Face to Face Interaction

Now singles can enjoy meeting their potential partners online, live face to face interaction with virtual speed dating, unlike a dating website which consists of a bunch of static photos. When you do virtual speed dating, you can demonstrate your personality easily to the other person, giving them a glimpse of your uniqueness and a potential to move smoothly forward to the next stage of dating. Unlike dating websites, you won’t be judge by your images or descriptions like a shopping catalog. Virtual speed dating delivers that real feeling of a face to face interaction and brings back your dignity.

No More Fake Dating Profiles

The online world is an interesting place, especially when it comes to online dating. You’ll get all sorts of weird and wonderful things, yes this including people who portraying as someone who are they are not. You’ll get men who say they are serious but are really there just for hookups, you’ll get women who are dishonest taking advantage of men for free dinners, you’ll get people who are already in a relationship and want to see what other options they have out there, you’ll get people who just purely lie on their dating profiles for the sake of getting liked or messages for validation and much more.

Genuine Singles Who Are Looking

It has always been known that speed dating attracts singles who are serious in meeting other like-minded people who are single in getting to know them as a human being. Dating websites and dating apps, attracts singles who are just there for quick hookups or need validation to boost their self-esteem. These dating websites consists of top tier men and women who are extremely attractive in so many ways, taking advantages of the average people out there by different means without pursuing anything further. This why virtual speed dating is a great alternative to date online moving forward.

Equal Opportunity For Everyone

Most singles are not aware of the 80/20 rule when it comes to dating websites. Top 20% of men gets 80% of the women’s attention, while top 20% of women gets 80% of men’s attention. What does this mean? This means 80% of men won’t get any attention from women while 80% of women won’t get the attention from the top 20% of men. In other words it is a very superficial game that is rigged against the average people out there. Virtual speed dating are design to combat this system, creating an equal opportunity for singles to meet & mingle online by not playing the superficial game.


AGES 20-39

Tues 10th November

7:30PM – 9:00PM




AGES 30-49

Tues 17th November

7:30PM – 9:00PM




AGES 40-59

Tues 24th November

7:30PM – 9:00PM





We want singles to try out this new online innovation that kicks ass any dating websites out there. Bringing back face to face interaction but online. Now they can connect with like-minded singles how it should be.

Since it is a FREE service, unfortunately we are unable to provide attendees with a match card when they finish the virtual speed dating. With a paid service we will provide a digital version of the match card.

The secret sauce is Dress to Impress! It is a lot to ask when it is online. Who knows you may meet someone that you’ll like. When you dress to impress, you feel confident and alive. We suggest to dress ‘smart casual’ as a MINIMUM dress standard. Please don’t be lazy and dress in your pajamas, this will leave a bad impression.

We get this question all the time. The only way to get out of your shyness is to take action. The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more you will grow as a person, this leads to confidence. Unfortunately there is no better answer to this. No matter how many tricks and tips we provide, it is all on you. We can not help you to get over your shyness or convince you to take part. At the end of the day, your happiness is depends on you.

This is a virtual event. You meet online. You will be provided a URL link and this link gets to the virtual event. On the day, click on the link and the host will show you the way to start the virtual speed dating.

The difference is you will get to meet like-minded singles face to face using video chat rather than being swiped pages after pages like a shopping catalog. Which one makes you feel more better about yourself? Being swiped like a shopping catalog and being rejected because you do not fulfill their expectations based on your photos and descriptions or get the opportunity to showcase your personality and characteristics live online using video chat? Obviously the latter. No one want to be treated like an object do they.

If you can not make it, let us know 2-3 days before hand. However if you decided not to let us know, unfortunately this flaky behaviour trait will not work with us or your potential virtual dates as this waste both of our times. We won’t tolerate this flaky behaviour. It will result you a one year BAN for any of our future virtual events. Also please don’t book an event for the sake of booking to save yourself a spot if you are not intending to do the virtual event, this spot can be save for someone who are interested. We are all adults here, bad time management or organizing skill is NO EXCUSE, so please book WISELY.

There are 15 spots for males and 15 spots for females. In total 30 spots available altogether.

Unfortunately in the near future it won’t be free forever. You can always go on dating websites that are free but that is a hefty price to be paid for in other ways. Dating websites will lower your self-esteem, dignity, confidence and affects your thinking, leading to future negative behaviours which is not attractive to anybody. Virtual speed dating creates an equal playing field for everyone, this is a small price worth paying for without causing negative effects unlike dating websites and dating apps.


August 1, 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm