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Brisbane Halloween Singles Party

Play, Dine, Mingle and be Crowned Best Costume Winner at These Year’s Halloween Dart Throwing Party for Singles




7:30PM – 11:30PM




About The Party

Step into the open and relive those beautiful emotions of deep laughter, the joy of friendly competition, and mingle with singles, who, just like you, are looking to flirt and have fun. Come to life and be the showstopper with a Halloween costume to kill.


Ages 20s-30s

$47.00 Includes: Darts | Food | Drink | After Party

Booking Closed

Booking Closed

Ages 30s-40s

$47.00 Includes: Darts | Food | Drink | After Party

Booking Closed

Booking Closed

Ages 40s-50s

47.00 Includes: Darts | Food | Drink | After Party

Booking Closed

Booking Closed


Try this deadly twist on the classic knock-out game. Hit your assigned target to win a shield. One shield equals one life. If you win three shields, you’ll score a sword. And a sword, is good! That means you’re now a Killer. As you might have guessed, the Killer then targets their opponents to knock them out of the game. Last player standing is crowned the winner!


A good aim is important in darts, but in Shanghai it’s essential. This game is all about getting the highest score at the end of 7 rounds. To win, you must hit the number presented each round. Round 1, number 1. Round 2, number 2. You get the drill. But to get the instant winning Shanghai, you must hit a single, double AND triple in just one round! Easy-peasy.


Have you ever played the classic dart game of 501? Well, we’ve given that game a shake and came up with 201. The rules are easy, just try to go from 201 to 0 points as fast as you can to beat your opponents. The fastest player is the winning player. But be aware! If you throw more points than you need, you’ll bust and lose all your points from that round. Yikes!


Want to be the High Striker? Then you’ll need to get a better score than the previous player. If you can’t beat their score, you lose one life. Lose 3 lives and you’re done! The trick here is to aim for the high numbers. The last player standing wins!


Høggern is our version of the popular dart game “Halve it”. Accuracy and luck is the name of the game. Score the most points through 9 rounds. But be careful! If you don’t hit the mark, the axe will come down hard and fast, chopping your score in half!

Round Rules

Round 1: Hit the 20 point area to get points. Triple and double 20 also gives points.
Round 2: Hit the 19 point area to get points. Triple and double 19 also gives points.
Round 3: Hit the double ring area to get points. Hit any double ring area to get points.
Round 4: Hit the 18 point area to get points. Triple and double 18 also gives points.
Round 5: Hit the 17 point area to get points. Triple and double 17 also gives points.
Round 6: Hit the triple ring area to get points. Hit any triple ring area to get points.
Round 7: Hit the 16 point area to get points. Triple and double 16 also gives points.
Round 8: All three darts have to hit and the sum of all those three darts must be 41 points exactly.
Round 9: Hit the Bullseye area to get points.



  • Make new friends & expand your networks.
  • Mingle with lots of like-minded singles who are fun and friendly that enjoys chatting.
  • You get the opportunity to meet someone you like and go on that first date.
  • It will build your communication and people skills.
  • Less pressure than speed dating.
  • It is more interactive and an efficient way to established a connection easily.

YES! You CAN come along by yourself and LOTS of people do. You won’t be alone for very long though! Find your event host and the group and say ‘hi’ and you will make new friends in no time.

Yes, as long as your friend has a ticket. You can book for him or her as long it is in the correct order. We would like to make the numbers as equal as possible between males and females, so please don’t book the wrong ticket.

Once you book the ticket, you will receive the details and the location of the meeting point. 3 days before the event, we will send you a reminder just in case. So please check your junk mail in case it goes in there.

Yes, and more of a reason for you to go. This way it will get you out of your comfort zone and out of the house. Don’t worry, you won’t be shy for long since there are lots of things to do throughout the night not just meeting other singles. If you feel more comfortable by talking to us, please come over and say hi. We will introduce you to other singles, this way it create less pressure on your end.

All bars and restaurants have COVID-safe measures in place. Venues need to follow the guidelines from the government to keep patrons safe at all times. As guests we can not go against these guidelines. This guidelines allows bars/restaurants and small businesses to re-open and live a normal life as possible. It is still our responsibility to follow these measures and guidelines to keep everyone safe.

We are constantly in contact with all the venues, if there are any changes from the government, the venues will notify us right away if there is another lockdown. Currently still good news, all bars and restaurants still resume business as usual, with of course, COVID-safe measures in place.

We will notify all our attendees right away and issue a full refund.


October 30, 2021
7:30 pm
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