Exciting Events For Gold Coast Singles

We make it easy for you to meet new people. Meeting people in real life is hard, but dating apps are really only for one thing. If you’re single and looking for love on the Gold Coast, there are plenty of dating apps out there that will help you find someone. But what about actually making a connection? Nothing beats the excitement of stepping into a room full of singles. That’s where Social Mingles comes in. We host events all over the Gold Coast so that singles can meet in real life and make bonds that matter. All our speed dating events and socials attract hundreds of singles seeking love and romance.

Interactively Fun

Instead of creeping online or aimlessly wandering through bars, attend one of these real-life singles events with other like minded people in search of true love. It’s fun. It’s sexy. It’s kinda retro, and it works.

Good Vibes Only

Why throw yourself into the deep end when it comes to dating? Our events are your safety net. With no pretenses, we’re just making sure you land on top of a quality guy or gal at real life singles events.

In Real Life Love

So, you’ve realized that your dating apps isn’t the best thing to help you get dates. It’s time for the real world. Luckily, our events are just about as organic and natural as making pasta from scratch.

Up Close And Personal

Real life singles events will stop you sifting through countless profiles on your photo. They make dating less of a game and more like an episode of keepin’ up with the kardashians (also known as hangin out). Who wants their big love story to involve messaging while on the toilet?… not us. Nothing beats flirting up-close and personal and our events are full of people willing to try.

Speed Dating Gold Coast

Are you busy and important? If you’re looking for a new way to meet people, that won’t deplete your social battery then speed dating is perfect for you. It’s like online dating but better. It lets you meet tons of singles in one night. You can even find your soulmate! Click event details and book so someone else doesn’t snag your perfect date.

Gold Coast Speed Introductions

Singles Night Ages 25-39

Gold Coast Speed Introductions

Singles Night Ages 35-49

Gold Coast Speed Introductions

Singles Night Ages 45-59

Gold Coast Singles

Bar Hop Ages 20s-30s

Gold Coast Singles

Bar Hop Ages 30s-40s

Gold Coast Singles

Bar Hop Ages 40s-50s

Singles Events Gold Coast 

You’ll be able to chat with lots of different people at our exclusive singles events. Plenty of opportunities for sparks (or flames) to fly! And if things go well, you might even find your next date…or soulmate. You’ll lock eyes across the room…a little shy and flirty at first… but that’s how easy it can be to bump into the love of your life. When the room is full of only singles those odds go up.

Interactive Social Events Gold Coast

If you want an easy, low-pressure way of meeting new people then an interactive Social Event is for you! There are no awkward silences or forced small talk – just great conversation between like-minded individuals and maybe a small hit of adrenaline. Come on… do you really need to Netflix and chill again? That’s not living. Experience life to the fullest. Join now and get out there and meet someone real (while letting someone else take care of the organising). It’s kinda like The Bachelor/The Bachelorette if you think about it.

Virtual Speed Dating in Your City
Virtual Speed Dating in Your Local Area
Virtual Speed Dating in Your Location

Virtual Speed Dating Gold Coast

Virtual speed dating is a great way for busy and successful singles to meet new people without having to leave the house. All you need is an internet connection, a smartphone or a laptop with a camera and we’ll do the rest. You can sit back, relax, and let our professional matchmakers introduce you to compatible singles in your area. Don’t miss out on feeling that electricity or someone else will snap up your Prince Charming or Princess Penelope.

Singles Party Gold Coast

You just show up and a room full of single folks come running towards you for a meet-cute that’s way better than the ones in your favourite TV show. As if all those people vying for your attention wasn’t enough, we’re going to throw in food, drinks, interesting conversations about life and the world at large, no awkward conversations with strangers as everyone is here to find their perfect match.

Valentines Day Singles Party

Cocktail Night Singles Party

Halloween Singles Party

New Year’s Eve Singles Party

Ice Breaking Hosts

We understand how hard it is to meet people at these types of events, so we’ve created a solution. Our ice breaking hosts are trained in social psychology and ensure you can meet and mingle easily at our single events. They will help break the ice for you with conversation starters, games, and activities. You won’t have to worry about standing alone or feeling awkward anymore!

Jaye Deva

Candice Daniels

Michael McKee-Duff

Jennifer Smith


A Great “How We Met” Story

Try out one of our upcoming singles events! It’s always fun, and guaranteed to be an experience unlike any other. Plus, all attendees receive a complimentary drink on us – just another reason why we’re the best place for finding your next friend (or date)!

Women Looking For Men

Knights in shining armour are a thing of the past… but you’ll find plenty of sharp bachelors at our events. All studs and no duds at our exclusive events. Time to ditch these apps and start finding real men.

Men Looking For Women

Why waste your time on social media platforms or even at the pub when we have events with fully available single women? They’re waiting to be swept off their feet by a dashing man… it could be you.

Meet People Your Age

Our events are split by age groups. If you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s we have a bunch of genuine single people waiting to meet you. You find that special someone just right for you.

Better Than Dating Apps

In person you know what you’re getting. No more getting fooled by someone who knows their angles. There is simply no substitute for the atmosphere of our singles events.

Real Connections

Meeting face to face is the best way to feel that spark. Get real connections real fast at events made for meeting the one. A look leads to laugh, leads to who knows what.

Dart Throw - Mingle

Socialising Without Pressure

We all need to relax a little especially after a week’s of hard work in the office. Our events are always fun, inviting and safe with trained social hosts at each event to kick off your weekend.

Join Our List of Singles and We’ll Tell You About the Next Mingle

You just show up and a lot of single people come to meet you. Why have you even made it this far down the page? Go click on an event above that catches your eye…. Or drop your email below and we’ll get in contact with you.

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